House Divided

Because Jesus rode a donkey.

I've been getting annoyed by the legalistic crap from other Christian communities (notice I said legalistic, not conservative, there is a difference).

Everyone, "Jew or Greek, Slave or Free" Man, Woman or Child (brownie points if you catch the reference) can join. It does not matter if you are Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim. If you are Christian maybe you want more fellowship. If you are a non-Christian maybe you want to understand this weird cosmic-Jewish zombie the Christians worship, so maybe you have questions. It does not matter, you are welcome here.

However, this group shares the beliefs of the ELCA, the Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian (USA) and other such churches. This group is on the moderate to liberal side of Christianity. If that makes you uncomfortable it is probably wise to not join.

If you say feminists, gay/lesbians, ordained women and the like are going to hell and want to start flame wars and openly say that in this community, you WILL be banned.

Anyway, here it is!


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I'm new here

Good evening, my brothers and sisters in Christ! I joined recently and wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Sally, I'm 28 years old, and I recently returned to Christ after a long time away. (My story is a bit long.)

I'm glad I found a community like this! This is one place where I am not stuffed in to a double closet because of the combination of my faith and orientation.

Anyways, I am looking forward to being a part of this community!
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Cool poem

There's a really cool poem I found on another member's page. They posted it publicly, but didn't give the name of the author. I'd like to share it for it really speaks the sentiments of many of us here. I only wish I could credit the author by their rightful name. (I corrected the spelling and grammar a bit.)

Jesus I love You
I love spending every waking moment with You
And I  know You love spending time with me
which is why I always have You
inside of me.
I can feel You
moving around
Oh, how I sleep
so peacefully and sound
Jesus please wrap Your loving arms
around me
let the warmth of Your loving embrace
surround me
inside of me You live
everyone I must forgive
every day I get on my knees and pray
and I thank You for making me this way!!

Edit: poem written by christ_in_a_grl Christina Girlson

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Discussion A Success

Last night I discussed transgender and Christianity with my bible fellowship group. It was an overwhelming success. There were many questions asked and I was able to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

I opened up the discussion defining the many transgender terms. I explained that 'transgender' is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or expression differs from their birth sex. I mentioned that the term may include transsexuals, crossdressers, gender queer, gender non-conforming and other gender-variant people.

I had the most questions about transition and Gender Identity Disorder. I explained that transitioning is a complex prcedure that occurs over a long period of time. I shared that not all transgender choose to have Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS).

I was able to explain what Gender Identity Disorder is and the current controversy with the medical and psychological establishments about changing the present prognosis that is used.

I shared the events of my life that led to discovering that I was a crossdresser and a transgender person. I shared that a person can be Christian and transgender because God doesn't show any favoritism.

The discussion was a huge success and eyes and minds were opened. I pray that I can do this at other places.

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Giving Talk in June

I will be sharing with my bible study group in June about being transgender and a crossdresser. I was asked several months back to do this and have decided to do so. I'm currently doing some research to support some of what I want to share. I wll share my own life story, also. I'm looking forward to doing this.


Sundays of Solidarity

Between May 17 and June 28, 2009, groups of LGBT and allied people around the country will attend worship services at a church of their choice - a church that is not welcoming and affirming of openly LGBT members and guests. Each group will wear a lapel button that reads "gay? fine by me." For less formal churches we also have a t-shirt with this message. The lapel button (or t-shirt) serves as a conversation starter - opening dialogue with people in the church about faith, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

When that visible act of courage is paired with adequate training, then transforming hearts and minds becomes a bona fide possibility. That's why we've designed a three-part teleconference course and a resource webpage that covers the essentials of Nonviolent communication, Media talking points, and What both the Bible and science really say about homosexuality. Training teleconferences will be held on April 19, April 26, and May 3 at 4pm CST. To register for the trainings go to and enter your information.

We hope you will consider organizing a Sundays of Solidarity project in your area. It simply involves choosing a church in your area that could benefit from an SOS visit, using your contact list to recruit others to join you, attending the teleconference training sessions, and then organizing your group to take action on one of the Sundays between May 17 and June 28, 2009. To purchase a lapel button or t-shirt, please visit
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Thank you, Rev. Phelps

It's been awhile, I thought I'd say "hey" and wish you all a fine day. :)

It's funny how God works, ya know? I got a chuckle out of the following article in the Washington Blade. The bolds are mine...

Activists to counter Westboro’s D.C. visit
Counter-protests, fundraising efforts held in response
By CHRIS JOHNSON, Washington Blade | Mar 27, 1:27 PM

Regional LGBT groups are responding to Westboro Baptist Church’s plans to picket various local sites Monday by organizing counter-protests and fundraising drives.

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looking for writers!

Hi all,
I'm a queer identified uni student working on my queer studies certificate. For my final project I'm attempting to collect queer writings in the first person. These can be fiction or truth. So basically I'm here looking for anyone who wants to write first person queer narratives and post them to my comm. queernarrative
If this is upsetting feel free to delete. If not, I hope some of you post or prompt friends or interested parties to do so.