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Thank you, Rev. Phelps
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jarrellwoods wrote in homos4god
It's been awhile, I thought I'd say "hey" and wish you all a fine day. :)

It's funny how God works, ya know? I got a chuckle out of the following article in the Washington Blade. The bolds are mine...

Activists to counter Westboro’s D.C. visit
Counter-protests, fundraising efforts held in response
By CHRIS JOHNSON, Washington Blade | Mar 27, 1:27 PM

Regional LGBT groups are responding to Westboro Baptist Church’s plans to picket various local sites Monday by organizing counter-protests and fundraising drives.

The Kansas-based church, led by the virulently anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps, is known for staging protests with signs reading “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God For AIDS.” The church has also picketed the funerals of U.S. troops who’ve fallen in Iraq, saying their death is God’s punishment for allowing homosexuality within the United States.

The church plans to makes appearances Monday at George Mason University, Fairfax High School in Fairfax, Va., Towson High School in Towson, Md., and the White House. The protest at GMU coincides with the onset of the school’s annual Pride Week.

Gay organizers are planning counter-protests during the church’s visit. Colin MacDonald and Ian Golden, gay George Washington University freshmen, are working with Equality Campus Style, a local student-activist group, to organize a “Love in DC” rally to counter the protest at the White House.

“Our rally is a gathering to show the pure happiness that comes with love, and how that can overpower any amount of hate,” MacDonald said in a statement. “We call on everyone in the Washington area to join us in standing against hatred, and to show that love is truly stronger.”

MacDonald told the Blade he expects about 200 people to attend the counter-rally at the White House.

A counter-protest is also planned at GMU for when the church pickets the university. Matthew Bruno, who is bisexual and program coordinator for GMU’s LGBT resource office, said he couldn’t estimate how many people will attend the counter-protest.

Additionally, local LGBT groups are working with Driving Equality, a Boston-based group that helps communities counter the church, and asking people to visit to make a contribution pledge for each minute the church remains at each of its protest sites. Participants also can donate a flat rate for the entire time the church pickets the sites.

For the church’s protests at GMU, the university’s Pride Alliance is asking people to donate money to help run its volunteer-led club.

Bruno said the pledge drive helps turn the church’s protest into a beneficial movement for the LGBT community.

“It’s kind of a good way to take something that could be controversial and negative and potentially hurtful for people in the community and kind of make something positive out of it,” he said.

Pledges can be made through to assist the gay-straight alliances at the Fairfax and Towson high schools. For the protest at the White House, contributions will benefit Gays & Lesbians Opposing Violence, a local group that works against hate-motivated violence.

On, Driving Equality says it will send thank you cards to Phelps following the protests to inform him of how much money he raised for LGBT groups.

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Good luck in all your efforts. There are many loving and affirming churches. Phelps is the total antithesis of love and respect. People like him make a mockery of the gospel and Christianity.

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