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Giving Talk in June
gennee wrote in homos4god
I will be sharing with my bible study group in June about being transgender and a crossdresser. I was asked several months back to do this and have decided to do so. I'm currently doing some research to support some of what I want to share. I wll share my own life story, also. I'm looking forward to doing this.


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Oooh, good luck with this!

That's wonderful. So, if they're not fully-affirming, my guess is, they're at least open-minded and want to hear from an individual rather than form opinions as if it were just 'an issue'.

What a wonderful opportunity for them, and you. ^.^

This is an lgbt group. I'm the only trans-gender person. They really want to know about what being trans-gender is.

It's June now so GOOD LUCK!!!

Thank you. I will speak on June 23rd.


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