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Cool poem
turtleinashell wrote in homos4god
There's a really cool poem I found on another member's page. They posted it publicly, but didn't give the name of the author. I'd like to share it for it really speaks the sentiments of many of us here. I only wish I could credit the author by their rightful name. (I corrected the spelling and grammar a bit.)

Jesus I love You
I love spending every waking moment with You
And I  know You love spending time with me
which is why I always have You
inside of me.
I can feel You
moving around
Oh, how I sleep
so peacefully and sound
Jesus please wrap Your loving arms
around me
let the warmth of Your loving embrace
surround me
inside of me You live
everyone I must forgive
every day I get on my knees and pray
and I thank You for making me this way!!

Edit: poem written by christ_in_a_grl Christina Girlson

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Great poem. Very affirming and positive.

hi i wrote that poem + i'm glad u liked it!

~* thou shall not steal *~

ummm that's MY poem that i wrote!

(Deleted comment)

Re: ~* thou shall not steal *~

my name is christina girlson + thx!! <333333333

Re: ~* thou shall not steal *~

I'm sorry... I didn't realize that was your real name. I just thought it was one you made up for your site. I'll put that on the poem.

Re: ~* thou shall not steal *~

thnk u <3333

Re: ~* thou shall not steal *~

Indeed. I never said it was mine. I said it was on a member's page, but I don't know your real name, so didn't know how to credit it. It's a good poem. :)

Re: ~* thou shall not steal *~

i rote a better 1 in my journal

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